Ion-Pair Chromatography of Organic and Inorganic Anions

유기 및 무기음이온에 대한 이온쌍크로마토그래피

  • 강삼우 (한남대학교 이공학부 화학과)
  • Published : 1985.08.20


A cationic dye, methylene blue $(MTB^+)$ was examined as a counter ion in the separation of organic and inorganic anions by ion-pair chromatography. Nonabsorbing anions could be indirectly detected by photometric detector with the assistance of MTB^+ in visible range (665nm). A mixture of anions was able to be separated with good base line resolution and high sensitivity. The capacity factors were also determined in various experimental conditions to study retention mechanism. The retention followed the ion-interaction model where the $MTB^+$ occupies a primary layer at the stationary phase while the analyte anion and other anions in the system compete for forming the secondary layer.



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