A Study on Vulcanization Characteristics and Physical Properties for the Filler Compounded NR Vulcanizates.(II)

각종(各種) 충전제(充塡劑)를 배합(配合)한 천연(天然)고무의 가황체(加黃體)의 특성(特性)에 관(關)한 연구(硏究)(II)(가황특성(加黃特性) 및 물리적성질(物理的性質))

  • Published : 1985.03.31


It is generally agreed that strong linkages exist between rubber chains and reinforcing filler particles. The purpose of this study is to examine the effect of rubber-filler attachments on the various mechanical properties of the rubber. In particular, the modulus and strength will be altered by these attachments. For this study, the curing properties are examined by means of ODR (Oscillating Disk Rheometer), the physical properties by means of Instrong. The results of this study can be summarized as follows. In the ODR test, the carbon black filled stock has shorter scorch time than gum stock and, the silica and clay filled stock has longer scorch time than gum stock. In the modulus, ten sile and swelling properties, the vulcanizates filled with carbon black had higher those values than inorganic filler loaded NR vulcanizates, but the rebound rate showed that the silica filled NR vulcanizates was lower than other inorganic filler contained NR vulcanizates and the ISAF filled NR vulcanizates was lower than other carbon block contained NR vulcanizates.