The finite difference analysis on temperature distribution by coordinate transformation during melting process of phase-change Material

상변화 물질의 용융과정에 있어서 좌표변환을 이용한 온도분포의 해석적 연구

  • Published : 1985.11.30


An analysis is performed to investigate the influence of the buoyancy force and the thickness variation of melting layer in the containment that is filled with phase-change Material surrounding a cylindrical heating tube during melting process. The phase-change material is assumed to be initially solid at its phase-change temperature and the remaining solid at any given time is still at the phase-change temperature and neglecting the effect of heat transfer occuring within the solid. At the start of melting process, the thickness of melting layer is assumed to be a stefan-problem and after the starting process, the change of temperature and velocity is calculated using a two dimensional finite difference method. The governing equations for velocity and temperature are solved by a finite difference method which used SIMPLE (Semi Implicit Method Pressure linked Equations) algorithm. Results are presented for a wide range of Granshof number and in accordance with the time increment and it is founded that two dimensional fluid flow occurred by natural convection decreases the velocity of melting process at the bottom of container. The larger the radius of heating tube, the higher heat transfer is occurred in the melting layer.