On the Changes in Organic Acids of Strawberry in Air with Different $CO_2$ Concentration

공기중에 혼합된 탄산가스 농도에 따른 저장딸기의 유기산 변화에 관하여

  • Published : 1986.02.01


Changes in pH, titratable acidity, some organic acids and brix of the strawberry stored at the different levels of $CO_2$, in air were measured. The changing trends in pH and the acidity of the strawberries were not clear among the storage treatments, and pH of the strawberries in all the treatments was increased(r=0.9615) by contrast to decrease in the acidity(r=-0.8483). Ascorbic acid content of the strawberries at control lot was higher than the contents of the CA stored for the initial 2 weeks after storage. This trend was reversed after that period and the strawberries in air with 30% $CO_2$, showed the highest retention rate, 28% of the initial content after 5 weeks. Among the analyzed organic acids, malic acid was gradually decreased in all the treatments during storage and the decreasing rates of the strawberries in air with 30% $CO_2$, was somewhat stupider than those in the others. Pyruvic acid was reduced in the control lot during storage but drastically increased in the strawberries stored at the CA storage conditions between the 2nd and the 3rd week after storage, and then it was decreased.