Carbohydrate Characteristics and Storage Stability of Korean Confections Kangjeong and Dashik

강정과 다식의 탄수화물(炭水化物) 특성(特性) 및 저장성(貯藏性)

  • Lee, Hei-Sook (Department of Food and Nutrition, Ewha Woman's University) ;
  • Lee, Su-Rae (Department of Food and Nutrition, Ewha Woman's University)
  • 이혜숙 (이화여자대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 이서래 (이화여자대학교 식품영양학과)
  • Published : 1986.12.01


The carbohydrate characteristics and storability of two Korean traditional confections Seban-kangjeong (a Korean fried waxy-rice cookie) and starch-dashik (a Korean pressed starch cookie) were studied as compared with two Western confections fried cookie and biscuit. Seban-kangjeong showed lower contents of starch and sucrose and higher content of reducing sugar whereas starch-dashik showed higher contents of starch and sucrose and lower content of reducing sugar. Moisture content was higher in Korean confections than in Western confections. The degree of gelatinization was higher in Seban-kangjeong and fried cookie which were made through a frying process. Moisture adsorption isotherms were constructed for the four products. In storage test for 6 months under different temperature and humidity conditions, the relative humidity maintaining the initial moisture content of products was 68% for Seban-kangjeong and starch-dashik and 20% for fried cookie and biscuit. The ratio of retrogradation in storage was 15% in Seban-kangjeong, 20% in starchdashik and 28% in fried cookie and biscuit, showing the lowest progress in freezer storage.