Evaluation of Sensory Quality of Spices Treated with Ethylene Oxide and Ionizing Radiation

Ethylene Oxide 처리(處理)와 방사선조사(放射線照射) 살균(殺菌) 향신료(香辛料)의 관능적(官能的) 품질평가(品質評價)

  • Published : 1986.12.01


Ionizing irradiation and E.O were used for sterilization of 5 different types of spices and mixed spices, and then each treated sample was evaluated using rank-order test to compare the sensory quality of the E.O fumigated sample to that of the irradiated sample. Preference of tested samples was in the descending order of control, the irradiated and the fumigated samples. According to the results of analysis of variance. 5 spices were significantly different at the 1% (P<0.01) or 5% (P<0.05), while mixed spices showed no significance. The results of Duncan's multiple range test showed that there was no significance difference between control and the irradiated sample, while the E.O fumigated sample was significantly different from control and irradiated samples. In conclusion, no adverse effects was found in quality of spices by ionizing radiation for sterilization, but the E.O fumigated sample showed deterioration of quality. The results were corresponded with the changes in major physicochemical components of each sample.