Effect of Heat-Moisture Treatments on Physico-Chemical Properties of Chestnut Starch

수분-열처리에 의한 밤전분의 물리화학적 성질의 변화

  • Published : 1986.12.01


Physicochemical properties of chestnut starch, which was adjusted at 14, 18, 21 and 24% moisture and heated for 16 hr at $100^{\circ}C$, were investigated. The cystallinity, swelling power and solubility of the starch were decreased upon heat-moisture treatments. The swelling power of the heat-moisture treated starch showed an inverse relation with moisture levels, while the solubility showed opposite trend. The swelling power and the solubility of both raw and heat-moisture treated starches held a liner relationship. The. water binding capacity of the starch was drastically increased upon heat-moisture treatments. Amylograms revealed that the heat-moisture treated starches had higher initial pasting temperature and lower viscosity than untreated starch. No peak viscosity was observed for the heat treated starches above 21% moisture. The minimum moisture contents for gelatinization of raw and heat-moisture (18%) treated starches were 45 and 40%, respectively. The gelatinization temperature of raw and heat-moisture (18%) treated starches was $65^{\circ}C$.