A Research to Minimizing the Effect of Voltage Disturbances on Sensitive Electrical and Electronic Equipment

민감한 전기전자기기의 전압외란에 대한 영향 최소화 연구

  • 윤갑구 (명지대학교)
  • Published : 1986.06.01


This paper describes a countermeasure of electric utilities and customer equipment in order to minimize an effect of sensitive electrical and electronic equipment on the voltage disturbances. After being studied, some schemes to solve were discovered. Firstly, in the electric utilities, the reduction of frequency and influence of voltage drop's time are not easy to realize because of the standpoint of effect and economy. Secondly, in the customer equipment, there are some equipment to minimize the voltage disturbances, Such as an UPSs, a noise suppressors and a power conditioners. One of them should be established on the computer control and automated systems, the electromagnetic switch of delay-release type should be adopted on the electromagnetic switch, the controlling circuit should be adopted on the variable speed motors which is being considered a countermeasure for a momentary under-voltage drops, the luminaire adhering a instantaneous restrike device should be adopted on the HID lamp. And also, the scheme of extending a setting time of relay on the undervoltage relay and the forming method of sequence which is automatic reclosing at this time of instantaneous suspension of an electric supply have been studied.