Quality Comparison of Gelatins Manufactured from Raw and Scalded Pigskins

생박 및 탕박 돈피에서 생산된 젤라틴 품질비교

  • Published : 1987.04.01


In order to examine the appropriateness of types of pigskin as a raw material for gelatin production, comparison was made on the quality of gelatins made from raw and scalded pigskins. Raw and scalded pigskins were acidified in 1.7% HCl solution for 15-18 hr and then washed by tap water for 10 hr. After washing, pigskins were extracted at $60^{\circ}C$, $70^{\circ}C$ and $80^{\circ}C$ to produce gelatins. Gelatins from raw pigskins appeared to be better in gel strength than those from scalded ones at all extraction temperatures. Gelatin yield was higher with raw than with scalded pigskins. With the increase of extraction temperature, the decrease in gel strength and viscosity was resulted in. More colored gelatins were produced with increasing extraction temperature in both raw materials. Electrophoretic pattern of gelatins showed that higher molecular weight fractions decreased with the increase of extraction temperature and pigskin gelatin had more complicated molecular composition than that of type B gelatin (alkali-treated gelatin).