Quality Evaluation of Ground Garlic and Onions Treated with Chemical Fumigants and Ionizing Radiation

마늘 및 양파 분말의 품질에 대한 화학 훈증제와 감마선 처리의 비교 연구

  • Published : 1987.04.01


Comparative effects of ethylene oxide and gamma radiation treatment of the microbiological and physicochemical qualities of ground garlic and onions were investigated. The standard ethylene oxide cycle employed was substantially less effective in reducing microbial counts than were 7 and 10 kGy of gamma radiation, and was roughly comparable to 5 kGy. Effects of gamma radiation on pungency, nutrient and color were relativey small in comparison with ethylene oxide which adversely affected physicochemical properties. Sensory evaluation indicated that no significant difference was observed between the nontreated control group and 10 kGy irradiated smaples.