Methods to Store Fruit Pulps in The Liquid State at The Frozen Storage Temperature

과실 쥬스를 냉동저장온도에서 액체상태로 저장할수 있는 방법 연구

  • 이영춘 (중앙대학교 식품가공학과) ;
  • 신동빈 (농어촌개발공사 종합식품연구원)
  • Published : 1987.04.01


Combined cryoprotectants (C.C.) were formulated to depress freezing points of strawberry pulp and orange juice concentrate to ${-15}^{\circ}C$, and quality changes in fruit pulps during storage ai ${-15}^{\circ}C$ in the liquid state were investigated. C.C. suitable for strawberry pulp consisted of sucrose (2.5%, w/w), glucose (12.7%), fructose (12.7%), glycerol (1%), propylene glycol (1%) and ascorbic acid (0.1%), and that for orange juice concentrate containing 48% solids glucose (5%), fructose (5%), glycerol (4%) and citric acid (1%). When quality of fruit pulps was compared among control and those with C.C., quality of fruit pulps stored with added C.C. was at least as good as control, except treatment B which had significantly lower overall preference. Strawberry jam prepared from pulp stored for 4 monthes did not show any significant quality differences among control and treated samples. The results of this study indicated that fruit pulps could be stored with added C.C. in the liquid state at the frozen storage temperature, while maintaining qualities at least as good as the conventionally frozen stored products.