Changes in the Mercury Content of Some Foods during the Washing and Cooking Processes

쌀, 콩나물, 물고기의 수세(水洗) 및 조리(調理)중 수은(水銀) 함량의 변화

  • Published : 1987.12.01


This study was carried out to estimate the change of Hg content in contaminated food materials including rice grain, soybean sprouts and crucian carp during their washing and cooking processes. The residue level of Hg in contaminated rice at 1 ppm level was decreased to the extent of 24% by three-times washing whereas it was not decreased in cooking. The removal efficiency of Hg in soybean sprouts contaminated at 80 ppm level was about 26% in three-times washing. While the Hg content was not decreased in blanching or cooking of soybean sprouts as a whole, the extent of leached Hg into the fluid part varied in the range of 23-41% depending on the heating time, salinity and volume of cooking water. While the Hg content in fish contaminated at 1 ppm level was not decreased in cooking as a whole, the leaching ratio of Hg into the fluid part was in the range of 2-10% depending on the salinity of cooking water. Disposal of inedible portion in cooked fish could remove 32% of contaminated Hg residue.