A Survey on the Sodium Chloride Content of Common Restaurant Meals in Seoul Area

서울시내 대중식사중 식염함량에 대한 조사연구

  • Published : 1987.12.01


This survey was conducted to Investigate the NaCl contents of meals taken from common restaurants in Seoul area and further to estimate the total dietary intake of salt from the meals. The samples included Seoleung-tang (beef and rice soup)/Galbitang (beef-rib soup), Yeukkye-jang (spicy beef soup), Doenjangchigye-bab (boiled rice with soy paste stew), Bibim-bab (boiled rice with assorted mixtures) and Bibim-naengmyon (buck wheat vermicelli with assorted mixtures). The average content of NaCl for each sample was determined by saltmeter and its daily intake level was estimated. Doenjangchigye-bab was shown the highest concentration of NaCl Doen-jangchigye-bab was separated into drained residue and fluid, and the average NaCl content in the fluid was higher than that in the residue. In comparision of northern and southern region of Seoul divided by Han river, there was no significant difference in the content of NaCl. The average content of NaCl per meal was 10.6g, and from these data, the daily dietary intake of salt for adults was estimated to be 28.5g.