Simulation of Quality Changes and Prediction of Shelf-life in Dried Laver Packaged with Plastic Films

플라스틱 필름 포장 김의 품질 변화 simulation과 shelf-life 예측

  • 고하영 (농수산물유통공사 종합식품연구원) ;
  • 박형우 (농수산물유통공사 종합식품연구원) ;
  • 강통삼 (농수산물유통공사 종합식품연구원) ;
  • 권용주 (전북대학교 식품가공학과)
  • Published : 1987.12.01


In order to develop a rapid predicting method of the shelf-life of moisture sensitive foods and establish their proper packaging methods, the qualify changes and shelf-life of dired laver as a model food were studied by the computer simulation. A mathematical model of the relationship between the rate constants of chlorophyll a and water activity was established at $10^{\circ}C,\;25^{\circ}C$ and $40^{\circ}C$. Computer simulation to predict water activity and chlorophyll a was developed by considering the simultaneous influence of storage conditions such as water content of products, storage temperature and relative humidity, packaging materials. Simulated quality changes of dried laver was in good agreement with the experiment data. Chlorophyll a and sensory score decreased as the water activity increased. And correlation coefficient between the sensory scores and the contents of chlorophyll a was very high as 0.991. The critical water activity by sensory evaluation was around 0.55. The shelf-life of dried laver packaged with plastic films could be predicted from the above results in various storage conditions.