Sruvey of Raw Silk Reeling Water in Korea

우리나라 제사용수의 실태 조사

  • Sung, J. C. (National Silk Inspection Office) ;
  • Lee, D. (National Silk Inspection Office) ;
  • Lee, D. S. (National Silk Inspection Office) ;
  • Kho, C. S. (National Silk Inspection Office) ;
  • Choi, K. S. (National Silk Inspection Office) ;
  • Jou, W. H. (National Silk Inspection Office)
  • 성재천 (국립생사검사소) ;
  • 이도 (국립생사검사소) ;
  • 이도수 (국립생사검사소) ;
  • 고춘섭 (국립생사검사소) ;
  • 최금식 (국립생사검사소) ;
  • 조원환 (국립생사검사소)
  • Published : 1987.10.01


This investigation was carried cut to obtain the reeling water conditions in Korea. The analyzed items of water were pH, colority, turbidity, acidity, alkalinity, solids electric conductibity hardness and heavy metal ions. About 40% of the reeling water were found to be agreeable, 30% were acceptable provided with some quality control and the others were out of acceptable range mainly based on the M-alkalinity, acidity, pH and total hardness. It was found that there was a following relationship between total hardness and electric conductibity with the relative correlation coefficient r=0.9145. y=15.967+0.22774x Where x, y are electric conductivity and total hardness respectively.