Electrophoretic Pattern of Specific Proteins in Meat Products

육가공품(肉加工品)중 단백질의 전기영동(電氣泳動) 패턴

  • Published : 1988.02.01


The possibility of using sodium dodecylsulfate-polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis was studied to detect specific proteins and their content in meat products such as beef, pork, fish, soybean, fish paste, ham and fish sausage. Many complicated bands were observed in the total protein fractions of the tested samples. The number of protein bands in the low salt-soluble protein fractions was considerably lesser and showed more specific bands in comparison with total protein fractions. Actone-insoluble fractions of non-meat proteins showed different patterns from meat proteins. A heating procedure seemed to be a cause for the diminished number and quantity of resolved protein bands in sausages. The results suggest that the discgel electrophoresis can be used to detect specific proteins and their content in protein foods, if a selective extraction method is emplyed.