Studies on the Freezing Time Prediction of Foodstuffs by Plank's Equation of Modification

Plank's Equation의 변형에 의한 식품의 동결시간 예측

  • Published : 1988.04.01


Freezing is becoming incressingly important in the food industry as a means of food preservation since the turn of the century. For quality, processing and economic reasons, it is important to predict the freezing time for foods. A number of models have been proposed to predict freezing time. However, most analytical freezing time prediction techniques apply only to specific freezing conditions. Therefore, it is necessary to develop an improved analytical method for freezing time prediction under various conditions. The objectives of this study, by reviewing previous experimental data obtained by uncertain freezing condition and thermo-physical data, were to develop simple and accurate analytical method for prediction freezing time, and to obtain the freezing time of various foodstuffs by still air freezing and immersion freezing method. The result of this study showed that the proposed method offered better results than the other complex method compared.


freezing time;still air freezing;simplified model;Plank's equation