Effect of Fatty Acid Compositions by Monoglyceride on Rheological Properties of Ice Cream

Monoglyceride의 지방산(脂肪酸) 조성(組成)이 Ice Cream 물성(物性)에 미치는 영향

  • Cho, Young-Koo (Food Research Institute, Hai Tai Confectionery Co., Ltd)
  • Published : 1988.04.01


The characteristics of ice cream, such as type-keeping viscosity, turbidity and stability of emulsion, were studied with the different composition of fatty acid of monoglyceride. The effect of saturated fatty acid of monoglycerides such as monolaurin, monomyristin, monopalmitin and monostearin on the characteristics of ice cream did not show any difference. The unsaturated fatty acid of monoglycerides, however, such as monocaprin and monoolein, was drastically enhanced the viscosity and easily happened the overrun of ice cream mixture which were resulted in the condensation of the fat droplet. Also the condensed fat droplet had the sterical network-structure. When the ratio of monostearin and monoolein becomed about 30:70, especially, it was confirmed the curdling of fat sphere increase to a maximun so that type-keeping and heat stability of ice cream were improved.