A Comparison of Emulsion Stability as Affected by Egg Yolk Ratio in Mayonnaise Preparation

마요네즈 제조시에 난황 사용량에 따른 유화 안정성의 비교

  • Published : 1988.04.01


Emulsion stability, viscosity, and oil particle size of mayonnaise, prepared at various egg yolk contents, were investigated. With increasing of the egg yolk ratio, emulsion stability became stronger, viscosity became higher, and oil particle size became smaller. Freezing stability of mayonnaise containing below 6.5% egg yolk was reduced significantly. Referring to vibration separation, it was observed that stability of mayonnaise containing 2% and 3.5% egg yolk was very low and containing over 5% egg yolk was stable relatively. Viscosity of mayonnaise, stored at $-10^{\circ}C$, was reduced significantly during first 24hrs. and then levelled off. Oil particle size of mayonnaise, stored at $-10^{\circ}C$, became larger with increasing the storage time and the tendency to change was apparent in the sample containing below 6.5% egg yolk.