Studies on the Optimal Conditions for the Storage of Fresh Garlic Bulbs

생체(生體)마늘의 적정(適定) 저장조건(貯藏條件) 설정연구(設定硏究)

  • Published : 1988.04.01


To investigate the optimal conditions for the storage of fresh garlic bulbs, garlic was stored at the different temperature, relative humidity and moisture content. From the standpoint of weight loss and sprouting ratio of garlic bulbs, the optimal temperature for storage was $-4^{\circ}C$. No significant changes in quality of garlic bulbs occurred even after 10 months of storage, when preserving the completely predried sample at $-4^{\circ}C$. However, freezing injury was observed in sample with incomplete drying or without predrying. From these results, The optimal condition for long term storage of fresh garlic was concluded to preserve at $-4^{\circ}C$ after complete predrying.