Formation of Volatile Compounds from Maillard Reaction of D-Glucose with DL-Alanine in Propylene Glycol Solution

Propylene Glycol 용매계에서 DL-Alanine과 D-Glucose의 마이야르 반응에 의한 휘발성 화합물의 생성

  • Published : 1988.04.01


The volatile compounds produced from the browning reaction of 0.5M DL-alanine and 0.5M D-glucose mixture using propylene glycol as a reaction medium were analysed by gas chromatography and gas chromatography-mass spectrometry and effects of temperature($100^{\circ}C,\;120^{\circ}C,\;140^{\circ}C$) and time(20min, 2hours) on the formation of volatile compounds were investigated. Browning reaction were rapidly increased as the reaction temperature and time increased. From methylene chloride extracts, twenty six compounds, including 7 alkyl pyrazines. 4 pyrroles, 3 furans, 1 furanone and 11 miscellaneous compounds were identified. The relative amounts of pyrazines, pyrroles and furans were markedly increased as reaction temperature and time increased. The results showed that caramel-like and burnt sugar-like aroma produced by alanine -glucose reaction must be mainly comprised of nitrogeneous heterocyclic such as pyrazines, pyrroles and oxygen heterocyclic compounds such as 2-hydroxy-3-methyl-2-cyclopenten-1-one and 2,5-dimethyl-4-hydroxy-3(2H)-furanone.


Maillard reaction;DL-alanine;D-glucose;volatile compounds