Modeling for the Prediction of Liquid Food Density

액체식품의 밀도예측을 위한 모델링

  • Choi, Yong-Hee (Department of Food Engineering Kyung Pook National University)
  • 최용희 (경북대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1988.04.01


For the development of a general mathermatical model to predict the density of liquid foods based on temperature and composition of each major component, the major components of liquid foods considered in this study were water, protein, fat, carbohydrate, fiber and ash. These samples were subdivided into sixteen pure components. The density of each sample was measured by a volumetric pycnometer at the temperature range of $0^{\circ}C\;to\;100^{\circ}C$ for three different solid content suspensions, The density values of pure component solids were calculated from the assumed model at given temperature, using the experimental values of three different solid content suspensions with known water fraction and density model of water. Using these calculated density data at the temperature range of $0^{\circ}C\;to\;100^{\circ}C$, the coefficients of ther density model for each pure component were determined by the OPT Subroutine Program. The density model developed in this study can be used to predict the density values of liquid foods at given temperature and composition.