Browning and Sorption Characteristics of Garlic Powder with Relative Humidity and Storage Temperature

상대습도와 저장온도에 따른 마늘가루의 갈변 및 흡습특성

  • Published : 1988.06.01


The sorption characteristics of garlic powder stored at various relative humidities and storage temperatures were studied. At lower relative humidity below RH 51%, the sorption equilibrium was easily attained, whereas at higher relative humidity above RH 67%, the powders were browned by higher equilibrium moisture content. The powders were browned at relative humidity above 67% at $20^{\circ}C\;and\;35^{\circ}C,\;above\;84%\;at\;5^{\circ}C$, respectively. The moisture contents of monolayer value for the powder were ranged from 5.53%(DB) to 5.92% (DB) with varying temperatures. And the necessity of moistureproof packaging material suggested for the long term storage of the powder because the lower moisture content and storage temperature, the higher driving force of wetting.