Preparation and Keeping Quality of Intermediate Moisture Food from Oyster and Sea Mussel

굴, 홍합의 중간수분 식품제조 및 저장 안정성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1988.06.01


An attempt was made in this study to investigate the possibility of processing oyster and sea mussel into an intermediate moisture food. To obtain a palatable and instant product, shucked samples were heated in soy sauce for 5 min., heated in seasoning solution for 10 min., and then dried by the method of hot-air blowing for 4-6 hours at $40^{\circ}C$. Optimum seasoning solutions consisted of 2% monosodium glutamate, 3.5% sodium chloride, 15% sorbitol, 2% propylene glycol, 5% glycine and 0.02% rosemary oleoresin in 72.48% water. Judging from water activity, thiobarbituric acid, viable cell count, volatile basic nitrogen, surface color and sensory evaluation, vacuum-packaging method in nylon/PE $(20{\mu}m/40{\mu}m)$ or polyester/viniliden chloride/polypropylene $(12{\mu}m/15{\mu}m/50{\mu}m)$ film bag did hardly damage to the quality of intermediate moisture products, but air-packaging method in polyethylene(0.06m/m) bag did considerable damage to the quality during storage for 60 days in an incubator with 49-51% relative humidity at $30^{\circ}C$.


oyster;sea mussel;intermediate moisture food;processing;storage