Hydrolysis of 7S and 11S Soy Proteins by Commercial Proteases

단백분해효소(蛋白分解酵素)에 의한 대두(大豆) 7S 및 11S 단백질(蛋白質)의 가수분해(加水分解)

  • Published : 1988.06.01


Selected kinetic parameters and degree of hydrolysis(DH) were measured using commercial proteases(trypsin, alcalase and pronase) to study the affinity of these enzymes to 7S and 11S soy proteins. Electrophoretic patterns of the hydrolysates were also investigated. In general, the order of affinity between the proteins and the proteases was 11S(protein-rich fraction)and 7S PRF for unheated proteins, and 7S PRF and 11S PRF for preheated proteins. Substrate inhibition was present at a substrate concentration of 1.5% or higher when preheated protein was used as the substrate. The maximum DH values of alcalase were obtained from 7S PRF(60%) and 11S PRF(80%) at 1 hr hydrolysis, respectively. Trypsin hydrolyses did not affect 11S soy protein but the acidic subunits in contrast to alcalase and pronase hydrolyses which changed almost all subunits. Alcalase hydrolysis induced distinct changes on 2S soy protein.


soy proteins;enzymatic hydrolysis;Km;DH