Textural Properties of Gelatinized Model Food system

젤라틴화 된 모형식품의 조직특성

  • Published : 1988.06.01


The gelatinized model food system were prepared by combining moisture, starch and protein, and the textural properties of their gels of different temperatures and times of heating were investigated by the use of Instron Universal Testing Machine. The hardness, springiness, cohesiveness, gumminess and chewiness of model foods had a high correlation with solid content and the regression equations between the hardness of model foods and moisture content heated for 20min. at $80{\circ}C$ were as follows; $H(PS_4)=18.6405-3.8201M+0.1959M^2,\;H(P_1S_1)=244.7933-5.692M+0.0332M^2,\;H(P_4S)=693.0292-16.6884M+0.1005M^2$, The correlation coefficients were $0.996^{**},\;0.998^{**}\;and\;0.998^{**}$, respectively. Total correlations between textural parameters and temperature and heating times were different according to model foods. The correlation between textural parameters was proportional to protein foods, but the hardness and cohesiveness of starch foods showed the relationship of inverse proportion. Under low solid content, the parameters of model foods appeared to decrease as protein content increased. Under high solid content, the parameters of protein foods were higher than those of starch foods above some level of protein content. The regression equation between the hardness and protein content heated for 20min. at $80^{\circ}C$ was as follows; Hardness(20%)=5.6858-13.5670P+$9.7758P^2$ and the correlation coefficient was $0.95^{**}$.


texture;gel;model food