Characterization of Glasses by Ion-Exchange(I): Ion Exchange Behavior

이온 교환에 따른 유리의 특성화(I) : 이온 교환 거동

  • Published : 1988.03.01


Ion exchange behavior of glasses was investigated in this study. The used glasses were Soda-limesilica glasses that was produced by float process. In order to analyse effects of ion exchange, some properties were measured; $K^+$ ion penetration depth, compressive stress, compression layer thickness, amount of $K^+$ ion exchange and density, in case of 43$0^{\circ}C$-8h and 45$0^{\circ}C$-6h, and activation energy is 17.0kcal/mole. Further it can be seen that excessive heat treatment brings about stress relaxation.



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