A Study on the Adsorption of Hg(II) Ion by Activated Carbon(1)

活性炭에 依한 Hg(II) 이온의 吸着에 관한 조사연구(1)

  • Lee, Hyun (Dept of Inorganic Chemistry, NIRI) ;
  • Lee, Jong-Hang (Dept. of Environmental Engineering, TAE POONG Chemical Co. Ltd.) ;
  • Yun, O. Sub (Dept. of Environmental Management, Tae Jeon Health Junior College)
  • Published : 1988.10.01


In this study, the method of adsorption by activated carbon in the removal of Hg(II) ion in waste water was treated. The influence of kinds of activated carbon and effect of temperature and the influence of coexistent salt on adsorption rates, the influence of pH in the adsorption, equilibrium and adsorption of mercury from activated carbon were investigated. From the adsorption on activated carbon of mercury(II) ion in the presence of cyanide or thiocyanate ion was found that mercury(II) was easily adsorved onto the activated carbon in the form of complex artion such as Hg(CN)$_4^{2-}$, Hg(SCN)$_4^{2-}$ respectively. ZnCl$_2$ activation method had a higher adsorptive ability than steam activation method in adsorption of Hg on activated carbon. Activated carbon adsorbed iodide ion is very effective on adsorption of Hg.