Reliability Analysis of the Three-Dimensional Deformation Measurement by Terrestrial Photogrammetry

지상사진에 의한 삼차원변형측량의 신뢰성 분석(기이)

  • Published : 1988.06.01


In the three dimensional deformation analysis by terrestrial photographs, iterative reweighted similarity transformation method is used for more accurate displacement computation. Also, Bayesian Inference method is used in the detection of unstable points and the analytical method for displacement patterns analysis is proposed in this study. In results, the accuracy of displacement estimation was improved by applying the weights of least absolute method ($\Sigma$|d|⇒min) and more accurate detection of displaced points could be achieved by Bayesian Inference. The analytical method in the patterns of displacement proposed in this study could be adapted to the movement analysis of objects wholly or partly.