Clarification of the Juice Extracted from Stored Apples by pH Adjustment

저장 사과로부터 착즙한 쥬스의 pH 조절에 의한 청징

  • Published : 1989.04.01


Clarification of the juice extracted from stored Fuji apples was studied with pectolytic enzyme and pH control, separately and in combinations. In the separated treatment, the clarity of the juice was increased with the treated enzyme amount. The juice adjusted pH to 3.5 with malic acid had the highest clarity in pH range from 3.5 to 5.0, but this juice was not acceptable because of high acidity. In combination of the two treatment, the clarity of the juice treated with the enzyme at pH 4.0 was higher than that of the juice without the enzyme, and the juice with ligh trasmittance of about 92% could be obtained at the pH by addition with one-third amount of enzyme which was used for clarification of the juice extracted from the fresh apples at harvesting season.


apple juice;clarification;pH control