Studies on the Polar Lipids Composition in Brown Rice and Milled Rice

현미와 백미의 극성지질의 조성에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1989.04.01


The composition of glycolipid, phospholipid and fatty acid of brown rice, milled rice and bran were studied for four varieties of rice such as Nampung, Milyang # 23, Whasung and Jinhung. The content of esterified steryl glycosides(ESG) in glycolipids was the highest in the brown rice, milled rice and bran. Monogalactosyl diglycerides(MGDG) and steryl glycosides(SG) were the second highest. Of the phospholipids, phosphatidyl cholines(PC) + phosphatidyl serines(PS) were the next. Fatty acid composition of glycolipids were different from total lipids and neutral lipids in brown rice and milled rice. Palmitic acid content was very high and oleic acid content was low in glycolipids. The major fatty acid components of phospholipids in brown and milled rice were also palmitic, linoleic and oleic acid. In the bran, the major fatty acid classes were different from those of milled rice.


glycolipid;phospholipid;esterified steryl glycosides(ESG);steryl glycosides(SG) phosphatidyl cholines(PC);phosphatidyl serines(PS)