Development of Corrugated Paperboard Box for Agricultural and Fishery Products

농수산물 유통용 포장상자 개선

  • Published : 1989.04.01


Double wall corrugated paperboard box are almost used for package of agricultural and fishery products in Korea. Flaps of the double wall corrugated paperboard box are consist of the three linerboard and two corrugating medium. But these flaps which are not affected to the compression strength for storage and distribution results in the reasonable cost-up of the packed box. Compared the strengths and economical evaluations between double wall and single wall corrugated paperboard box results as follows. Compression strength of single wall box is higher 49.3% to 98.0% than that of the double wall corrugated paperboard box and its cost are down 5% to 8%. Effect of the cost down on the saving materials of flap and corrugating medium is 13.9%.