Drying and Shrinking Rate Equation of Root Vegetables

근채류의 수축 및 건조속도식

  • Published : 1989.04.01


The shrinking and overall drying rate equations which can accomodate experimental date and the rate of initial drying ratio were investigated. The results obtained from hot air drying experiments of radish and sweet potatoes were as follow. The drying rate constant and the order were affected by the thickness of sample and temperature. The empirical drying rate and shrinking equations at constant drying conditions (d=4mm, $Ta=50^{\circ}C$, RH=10%, U=0.8m/s) for radish and sweet potatoes were found to $dx/dt=0.112{\times}10^{-2}\;A(1-x)^{0.43}$, A=Ao(-0.480x+1) and rates of initial drying ratio were expressed of sample thickness, relative humidity and air velocity; for radish $dx/dt=0.0648(RH)^{-0.31}\;(d)^{-0.75}\;(U)^{0.39}$ and for sweet potatoes $dx/dt=0.0547(RH)^{-0.28}\;(d)^{-0.63}\;(U)^{0.37}$


shrinking rate equation;drying rate equation;radish;sweet potatoes