Testing Methods for Permeability of Plastic Films

플라스틱 필름류의 투습도 측정방법

  • Published : 1989.04.01


Water vapor permeability of plastic films was measured by Electric tester and Cup tester and the data of the two were compared. Regardless of the testing method, water vapor permeability measured by two methods showed consistent results. By these methods, water vapor permeability of polyethylene film was $21.25g/m^2$. 24h and $5.4g/m^2$. 24h for 0.045mm and 0.08mm thickness, respectively. The water vapor permeability of casted polypropylene film was 14.93 and $14.90g/m^2$. 24h for Electric tester and Cup tester, respectively. In conclusion, the data obtained by Cup tester was consistent with those of the Electric tester. The Cup tester was certified to perform the water vapor pormeability testing method.