Automatic Measurement of Respiration Rate and Weight Loss during Storage of Citrus fruits

과채류 저장시 호흡량과 중량감소의 자동계측

  • Published : 1989.06.01


Citrus fruit (Citrus unshiu Marc) were stored in the facillity controlled with a microprocessor-based storage controller, and the respiration rate and weight loss of fruits were measured with the infrared gas analyzer and the strain gauge load cell. The storage conditions and measuring intervals were set by the keyboard of personal computer. The interfacing cicuitry between the computer and Z-80 microprocerssor was built with peripheral Interfacing It chips 6821 and 8255. The data measured were saved to a data file for recording and further analysis. When the fresh and bruised fruits were subjected to the storage condition for 4 days at 20 C, the respiration rate of the fresh one showed a stable value of 3-5ml $CO_2/kg$ h throughout the storage period while the bruised one exihibited an abruptly increased rate after 50 hours. And the weight loss recorded about 5% during the storage.


respiration;weight loss;citrus;microprocessor;automation