Carotenoid Destruction and Nonenzymatic Browning during Red Pepper Drying as functions of Average Moisture Content and Temperature

고추 건조과정에 있어서 평균 수분함량 및 온도에 따른 Carotenoid파괴 및 비효소적 갈변

  • Published : 1989.06.01


Functional relationships of carotenoid destruction and nonenzymatic browning during red pepper drying were established by the dynamic test using the moisture-temperature-quality history curve in actual drying experiments. The dependence of the rate constants on temperature and moisture content was established and analysed assuming that carotenoid destruction and nonenzymatic browning are the first order and the zero order reaction, respectively. Carotenoid destruction rate constant was high at high moisture and high temperature, and had a minimum value at some intermediate moisture content. As dependence of rate constant on temperature, activation energy of carotenoid decolorization ranged from 7.7 to 27.4 kcal/mol, showing higher value at higher moisture content. Nonenzymatic browning showed higher rate at higher temperature and higher moisture content. Activation energy of browning was in the range of 7.5-20.2 kcal/mol with higher value at higher moisture level.


red pepper drying;kinetics;carotenoids;browning