Effect of Pretreatment before Air Drying on the Quality of Carrot Flake

열풍건조 전 전처리 방법이 당근 후레이크의 품질에 미치는 영향

  • Published : 1989.06.01


The effect on pretreatments with sugar and blanching on the quality of dried carrot flake were investigated. The color of carrot flakes soaking in sugar solution for 2 mins $(60^{\circ}C,\;30 Brix)$ after water blanching $(100^{\circ}C,\;10 min)$ was similar to fresh carrots and the carrot flakes contained relatively high carotene and $Cu^{++}$ values. The osmotic dehydration with sugar solution $(80^{\circ}C,\;40\;Brix)$ prior to air drying reduced browning reaction and shrinkage. According to sensory test, no significant difference occured, after osmotic dehydration, among air drying. But there was a significant difference occured air drying after water blanching.


carrot flakes;pretreatments of carrots;quality of carrot flake