The Change of Residual Chlorpyrifos during Fermentation of Kimchi

배추김치 숙성중 Chlorpyrifos 잔류량 변화

  • Yun, Shuk-Ja (Department of Traditional Cuisine, Chun Cheon Junior College)
  • 윤숙자 (춘천전문대학 전통조리과)
  • Published : 1989.08.01


To determine the change of residual chlorpyrifos during Kimchi fermentation, the Kimchi was prepared and fermented at $4^{\circ}C$ for 4 weeks according to the conventional method. As a model experiment, chinese cabbages which were soaked in the chlorpyrifos solution were used for Kimchi preparation. It was found that the concentration of residual chlorpyrifos which was 0.161 ppm in raw cabbages decreased to 0.0938 ppm by 4 times of washing and further decreased to 0.0099ppm during fermentation of Kimchi for 4 weeks. In the model system, the residual chlorpyrifos decreased by the first order reaction as the fermentation of Kimchi proceeded . It's half life is approximately 1.8 weeks.


residual chlorphyrifos;half life of chlorphyrifos during Kimchi fermentation