Studies on the Some Physical and Chemical Characteristics of Nutmeg Oil by Different Extraction Methods

추출방법에 따른 Nutmeg Oil의 물리적, 화학적 성질에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1989.12.01


The physical properties of essential oil of nutmeg extracted in different methods (SDE, Solvent, $CO_2$) were investigated and also the components of essential oil were analyzed using G.C. and G.C./ Mass. Solvent extraction yield was 23% and was higher than those of SDE extraction and $CO_2$ extraction. From the analysis result and physical properties of nutmeg oil, it was conformed that the nutmeg used In this experiment was similar to East Indies type. The content of sabinene was 3.6-14.1%, 28.4-48.7% for myristicin, 1.2-2.1% for elemicin, and 3.6-5.6% for safrole. The camphene was identified in SDE extracts but not in $CO_2$ extracts. The volatile components of SDE extracts and solvent extracts contained large amount of monoterpene and terpene alcohol but $CO_2$ extracts aminly contained aromatic compounds.


nutmeg;extraction;(SDE, solvent, $CO_2$) physical property;chemical property