The Texturization Properties of Textured Extrudate made by a Mixture of Rice Flour and Isolated Soybean Protein

쌀과 분리대두단백 혼합에 따른 조직화 특성

  • Published : 1989.12.01


The texturization properties of extrudate from isolated soybean protein and rice flour by extrusion cooking were investigated. The addition of up to 30% rice flur to isolated soy proetin could give more tenderness to the texturized extrudate. As the rice flour content increased, die temperature, nitrogen solubility index, and integrity index were decreased slightly with lower chewiness and gumminess. The water content of final extrudate was increased as the addition of rice flour increased, while density was maintained without variation, and rehydration ratio was decreased. The distribution of pressure profile during extrusion were in the range of $15-100kg/cm^3$. As the addition of rice flour increased, scanning electron micrographs demonstrated the gelatinized surface structure of rice starch and the increased air cell size of the testurized extrudate.


texturization;rice flour;isolated soybean protein