Effect of Heat Treatment on Some Qualities of Korean Pickled Cucumbers during Fermentation

열처리가 오이지의 발효에 미치는 영향

  • Choi, Hee-Sook (Department of Food Science and Nutrition, Sook Myung Women's University) ;
  • Kim, Jong-Goon (Department of Home Economics, King Sejong University) ;
  • Kim, Woo-Jung (Department of Food Science, King Sejong University)
  • 최희숙 (숙명여자대학교 식품영양학과) ;
  • 김종군 (세종대학교 가정학과) ;
  • 김우정 (세종대학교 식품공학과)
  • Published : 1989.12.01


Effect of high temperature soaking in salt solution and short time microwave heat treatment on quality of Korean pickled cucumbers during fermentation was investigated. The Korean pickled cucumbers were fermented at $25^{\circ}C$ for 10 days in 10% salt solution. The physicochemical properties measured were pH, the total acidity, hardness and the sensory properties of odor, taste and texture were also evaluated. The result showed that the effect of soaking cucumber in $80-90^{\circ}C$ hot salt solution significantly reduced the fermentation rate and softening rate of texture while a rather rapid fermentation was found for those soaked in $60-70^{\circ}C$. The effect of microwave treatment inhenced fermentation a little for short treatment but it was significantly reduced softening rate of texture by 3 minutes heating. The sensory evaluation of Korean pickled cucumber was found that heat treatments with hot solution and microwave heating had a possitive effect for reduction of softening of cucumber tissue, however odor and taste were not significantly affected.


pickled cucumber;fermentation;heat treatment;pH;acidity;hardness;sensory property