Studies on the Chemical Components in Ganoderma lucidum

한국산 영지버섯의 화학성분에 관한 연구

  • Published : 1989.12.01


The proximate composition, minerals, fatty acids, and amino acids in three types of Ganoderma lucidum produced from timber bed cultivation, pot cultivation, and antlered form from pot cultivation were determined. The results obtained art as follows. The contents of crude fibers carbohydrates, crude proteins, crude fats and crude ashes were 47.2-499%, 29.1-31.1%, 15.2-15.6%, 4.0-4.4% and 1.3-1.7% on dry basis, respectively. The content of K (2,742-4,843 ppm in dry basis) was the highest, followed by p, Mg, Ca and Na. The ratio of unsaturated fatty acid in the total lipid was 81.0-82.1%. The major fatty acids were oleic acid and linoleic acid. The contents of histidine (9.47-13.06 mg/g on dry basis) and methionine (0.20-0.44mg/g in dry basis) were the highest and the lowest in the total amino acids, respectively.


Ganoderma lucidum;chemical components