Studies on the Shelf-life of the Grain Shape Improved Meju

낱알형 개량메주의 품질수명에 관하여

  • Park, Choong-Kyun (Department of Food Technology, Taegu Technical Junior College) ;
  • Nam, Joo-Hyun (Department of Food Technology, Taegu Technical Junior College) ;
  • Song, Hyung-Ik (Department of Food Technology, Taegu Technical Junior College) ;
  • Park, Hak-Yong (Department of Food Technology, Taegu Technical Junior College)
  • 박충균 (대구공업전문대학 식품공업과) ;
  • 남주현 (대구공업전문대학 식품공업과) ;
  • 송형익 (대구공업전문대학 식품공업과) ;
  • 박학용 (대구공업전문대학 식품공업과)
  • Published : 1989.12.01


In order to investigate the index component and basis for the shelf-life of the grain share improved Meju, the effect of the storage time and package on the quality of Meju and soy sauce were studied during 90 days storage at $30^{\circ}C$. Also, sensory evaluation for the soy sauces from Meju with various storage time were carried out. During the storage period, moisture content, amylase and protease activity were decreased, on the other hand, the contents of amino-nitrogen and ammonia-nitrogen were increased. Among these components, protease activity was found the major index component for quality control because it was the most important component for soy sauce fermentation and the most changeable component of Meju during the storage period. According to the sensory test, the quality of soy sauce was agreed well with the protease activity of Meju, and the soy sauce from longer storage Meju was inferior organoleptic quality to that from shorter Meju. By the storage quality test, protease activity showed the highest value in 15 days storage Meju and decreased gradually with storage time passed. The basis of protease activity for quality control was 200 (O.D. at 660 nm/g). which was 50% of the initial activity And it was known that the shelf-life of the grain shape improved Meju was about 90 days . It was also shown that the storage in package did not affect noticeably to prolong the shelf-life of Meju on this study.


grain shape improved Meju;quality index;protease activity;shelf-life