Nutritional Biochemical Study on the Pollen Load. -Effect of Azalea(Rhododendron mucronulatum)Pollen on the Hepatic Microsmal Aniline Hydroxylase Activity-

화분의 영양생화학적 연구 -진달래 화분(Rhododendron mucronulatum)이 간 Aniline Hydroxylase 활성에 미치는 영향-

  • Published : 1989.03.01


The effect of each azalea(Rhodoendron mucronulatum) pollen extract on phase I enzyme(aniline hydroxylase)was studied in this experiment. Serum aminotransferases were not changed in mice injected each azalea pollen extract, respectively compared to control group. The hepatic micros mal aniline hydroxylase activities in the presence of each azalea pollen extract were not affected in vitro. After treatment with azalea pollen water extract, hepatic microsomal aniline hydroxylase activity was increased with dose-dependent manner as compared to control group. The increment of hepatic microsmal aniline hydroxylase activity was more powerful by the treatment of water extract. As mice received aniline after pollen butanol and water extract-pretreatment once a day for 5 days, the blood and liver levels of aniline were decreased significantly.