Synthesis of Alcohol-oxidase in Pichia pastoris on Various Carbon Sources

여러가지 탄소원에 의한 Pichia pastoris의 Alcohol-oxidase 생성

  • Lee, Myung-Suk (Dept of Microbiology, National Fisheries University of Pusan) ;
  • Hur, Sung-Ho (Dept. of Food Processing Dong-Eui Technical Junior College of Pusan)
  • 이명숙 (부산수산대학 미생물학과) ;
  • 허성호 (부산동의공업전문대학 식품공업과)
  • Published : 1989.12.30


The regulation of the synthesis of alcohol-oxidase(E. C. 1. 1. 3. 13) was investigated in the methanol-utilizing yeasts during growth on different carbon sources. For this experiment, Pichia pastoris CBS 2612 and Pichia pastoris CBM 10 were cultured in mineral salt medium by changing its carbon sources. The production of alcohol-oxidase was varied by the carbon sources. For example, alcohol-oxidase was undetectable in all strains submitted to the test in the medium with glucose, but its production was rapidely increased when the carbon source was changed from glucose to methanol after 48hrs of incubation. Moreover, this enzyme was not synthesized during growth on the primary aliphatic alcohols alone(ethanol, propanol, butanol or pentanol) or on the mixed substrates(0.5% methanol+0.5% primary aliphatic alcohols). When cells were grown on the various carbon sources(glucose, xylose, lactose, glycerol, galactose, saccharose, sorbose, lactic acid or acetic acid), The alcohol-oxidase activity was detected a very little amounts. These carbon sources together with methnol yieled far better synthesis of alcohol-oxidase than in case of carbon sources alone. Especially, the alcohol-oxidase activity of the cells grown on sorbose, lactose or lactic acid together with methanol was far better or similar than that of cells grown on methanol alone. The apparent Km values for the methanol of Pichia pastoris CBS 2612 and Pichia pastoris CBM 10 enzymes were 1.92 and 210 mM, respectively. It is also active towards alcohols of shorter alkyl-chain length than $C_7$, insaturated alcohols(allylalcohol, crotyl-alcohol) and secondary alcohols (iso-amylacohol, iso-butylalcohol). The affinity of alcohol-oxidase for this alcohols decreased with the increasing length of the alkyl-chain.