Volume Reduction Ratio and Decontamination Factor of the Bench Scale Radwaste Incineration Process

실험용 방사성 폐기물 소각로의 감용비와 제염계수

  • Published : 1989.12.01


A bench scale incineration process for the burnable radwaste has been constructed and operated at KAERI as a self-surpported development of incineration technology. The purposes of operating the process are to get experience in incineration, to analyze the characteristics of combustion and to test the performance of off-gas treatment units. Simulated paper and polyethylene wastes were incinerated. Volume reduction ratio and decontamination factor of the process have been determined to observe the economical efficiency and operational capability of the process. A methodology to estimate the acceptance limit of specific activity to an incineration facility by using a decontamination factor and to calculate the volume reduction ratio of the facility is introduced. The acceptance criteria for different radionuclides in the combustible waste at the bench scale incineration process are suggested using this methodology.