Effects of a Growth Retardent Paclobutrazol on the Oil, Protein Content and Fatty Acid Composition of Peanut(Archis hypogea L.)

생장조정제(生長調整劑) Paclobutrazol이 땅콩의 유분(油分) 및 단백질함량(蛋白質含量)과 지방산(脂肪酸) 조성(組成)에 미치는 영향(影響)

  • Published : 1989.11.30


This study was conducted to evaluate the effect of retardent Paclobutrazol on the seed quality factors such as oil content, protein content and fatty acid composition in peanut cv. Saeddle(early variety) and Napung(medium variety). The results are summarized as follows : Oil content of seed was appeared to increase when Paclobutrazol was applied and especially it was remarkably increased at 120 ppm-90 DAS both in varieties. Even though protein content showed a little increase at 120 ppm-70 DAS in early variety and 120 ppm -90 DAS in medium variety, however, it was decreased in most case. Saturated fatty acids such as palmitic and stearic acid was reduced by Paclobutrazol treatment but unsaturated fatty acids such as oleic, linoleic, eicosenoic and eicosadienoic acid was tended to increase in early variety while palmitic acid was increased in medium variety but linoleic acid reduced and no change was observed in oleic acid content.