Effect of Cooking on Moisture Sorption Properties of Corn

삶은 옥수수의 수분흡습성질

  • Published : 1990.10.01


The moisture sorption behaviors of dry corn(DC). dry-corn (DCC) and soaked-rooked corn(SCC) at $25^{\circ}C$ were analyzed. The corn was soaked in water at $26^{\circ}C$ for 8hr. The cooking times for DCC and SCC were 30 and 20min. respectively, at $80^{\circ}C$. Desorption occurred for DC and DCC at RH below 23% and SCC at RH below 33% during storage. Moldiness was observed in all samples at RH 97%, after 192hr for DC and 288 hr for both DCC and SCC. At the same water activity. SCC sample had the highest moisture content, followed by DC. The SCC sample had the highest monolaver value and sorption heat. Stability isotherms indicated that DC and SCC had better storability than DCC.


corn;sorption isotherm;stability isotherm