Application of the Equivalent Point Method for Estimation of Kinetic Parameters

Kinetic Parameters 결정을 위한 Equivalent Point Method의 이용

  • 임종환 ((주)미원 식품포장연구실)
  • Published : 1990.10.01


A method for application of the equivalent time and temperature point for estimating kinetic parameters was proposed. The feasibility of the method was demonstrated with both theoretical and empirical kinetic data. The theoretical kinetic data were obtained from the arbitrarily chosen time-temperature data for three chemical reactions whose kinetics are well established. The experimental kinetic data were obtained for the acid (0.0005 N HCl) catalyzed hydrolysis of sucrose(2%). The activation energy and the frequency factor determined by the proposed method were $104.74{\pm}1.87kJ/mol\;and\;5.62{\times}10^{14}\;hr^{-1}$ respectively and the results agreed well with those obtained by a different method of kinetic parameter estimation, i.e. the linearly increasing temperature method.


equivalent point method;kinetic parameters