Inhibition Mechanism of $\alpha$-D-Glucosidase Inhibitor from Streptomyces sp

Streptomyces속 균주가 생성하는 $\alpha$-D-Glucosidase 저해물질의 작용상

  • Published : 1990.02.01


The inhibitor had the inhibitory activities against hydrolysis of PNPG, sucrose and ONPG by $\alpha$-Dglucosidase, $\alpha$ - and $\beta$ -galactosidase, but it did not inhibit amylases and other carbohydrases. Kinetic studies exhibited that the inhibitory substance non-competitively inhibited the enzyme reaction with a Ki value of 118 $\mu$g/m$\ell$, and enzyme-inhibitor complex was formed slowly.